Computer-Related Incidents with Commercial Aircraft

Reports on the Martinair B767 EFIS-loss incident near Boston, MA

28 May 1996

Synopsis A Martinair Holland B767-300 on a scheduled flight from Amsterdam to Orlando, FL, suffered a partial power failure and lost all EFIS information, which includes all flight and navigation information. It continued on the electro-mechanical backup displays and diverted to Boston, where it landed with only partial flight control.

Early information on the incident is collected in a short report culled from reports in Flight International and Aviation Week. The investigation subsequently led to FAA Airworthiness Directive 96-19-10. The AD "is prompted by reports of interruptions of electrical power during flight due to improper installation of the main battery shunt and ground stud connection of the main battery. The actions specified in this AD are intended to prevent such electrical power interruptions, which could result in loss of battery power to the source of standby power to the airplane." Effective date is October 2, 1996. I am grateful to Hiroshi Sogame of All Nippon Airways Safety Promotion Committee for advising me of this AD. short note on the incident appeared in RISKS-18.19.